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Letting go (*sniff*)

17 May 10

So, it’s not even 10:30 yet, and the laundry is going, the dishwasher is emptied, our breakfast dishes are washed, and I even took some time to attach our new hose to the spigot and give the garden a little watering! Also, I’m dressed!

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Did I Made a Mess?

11 May 10

I really love that finger wag. Sorry about my delinquent posting! I really, really want to write more, and hopefully will at a point very near in the future. In the meantime, please enjoy the awesomeness of Bridget!

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Dear Blog,

16 February 10

Are you still there? I seem to be able to make out a thick layer of dust somewhere back in the dim recesses of my mind, but nothing more than a vague shape…

Okay, so it’s been a little while. Maybe a big while. Maybe I have a lot to catch up…

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Always My Baby

1 July 09

Bridget turned eighteen months old yesterday. It’s tradition that on half-birthdays (we call them “Appreciation Days”) the celebrated person gets to choose the meal, so I picked some of Bridget’s favorite foods. Thus, she feasted on steamed carrots, rice, a fried egg with the yolk broken, and pizza. She actually only ate a couple bites of the pizza – that was more for Brian and me…

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Greek Dancer

22 May 09

Holding a piece of pita bread and dancing to the music. Maybe not as exotic as my title suggests, but way cuter.

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Farm Girls

21 March 09

Feeding the Chickens
Bridget and I recently returned from a visit to my parent’s house in Arkansas. My parents both grew up as farm kids in Missouri, and that upbringing/culture still runs strong in their blood. Their house is a paradise for a kid Bridget’s age – like living at a petting zoo!

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21 February 09

Hi guys! So sorry for the neglect. I’ve been in a blogging funk. It seems like there’s either nothing to say or, more often, there’s too much to say and my brain “shorts out” from all the options.


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Unfinished Business

10 January 09

Team Warren Christmas Card
A Happy New Year to you! I took a rather long Christmas break (longer than anticipated, anyhow), but now I’m back! Yay! Aaaand I have some things to say – things I wanted to say before Christmas, but was a little preoccupied with sanity-keeping…

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Deep Breath. Whew.

10 December 08

Oops! Today was supposed to kick off the last giveaway here at Anna’s Nest. I remembered this late last night (actually, early this morning) around the same time that I realized that I don’t have anything to give away! Double oops!

The plan was that I was going to get some more paper goods up in the shop, maybe some Christmas thank-you note cards or something, and had thought I would surely have them completed by today (with all that time, I was positive I would have finished something). But no. I haven’t even started on them. And by “them” I mean “nothing”. So maybe tomorrow? Is okay with you if I postpone the giveaway…

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Salt On The Couch

26 November 08

First, let me say that this giveaway thing ROCKS! I love giving stuff away, and I love getting comments on my blog, so I’m pretty much loving this whole thing. I’ll be back tomorrow with my next giveaway, so don’t forget to take some time to make some time in the middle of your Thanksgiving prep to check in!

Things around here have been a leetle bit crazy. About a week ago Bridget started “self weaning”…

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Unexpected Delays

15 November 08

We seem to have come down with a case of the runny noses around here. This has, for some reason, not been very good either for blogging or crafting. Quite the zapper of time, this nose-wiping business…

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Children's Museum

12 November 08

Bridget is such a social little gal! Whenever we go out and she sees another baby, she gets crazy excited, and I feel a little guilty pang that I don’t let her out more often. Poor thing.

Enter the Children’s Museum. Last week I signed us up for a membership – hopefully it will be a nice social outlet for her, since we don’t go to any other play groups…

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Let Me Help You With That

6 November 08

Bridget is now at the stage in her development where she “unpacks” everything. This is, I hear, a very important stage, but which one isn’t…

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6 November 08

We didn’t go trick-or-treating this year, but I did make a little pumpkin outfit for Bridget. We showed it off at a “Fall Festival” at a farm the weekend before Halloween. A great time was had by all!

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Now This Is Just Too Cute.

16 August 08

Daddy and Bridget. Too bad they don’t have fun with each other.

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15 August 08

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Teething = Ugh

13 August 08

I don’t like teething. There. I’ve said it. I recognize that it’s necessary for growth, but that doesn’t mean I have to enjoy it. Bridget seems to feel the same way, actually. Although she is handling sleepless nights better than I am. Might have something to do with regular napping. I like the part after the teething, when they are all cut, and everyone gets all excited and happy and sleeps at night. Bridget actually hasn’t been doing so badly with the teething. It really could be much worse. It’s just that I’m a wimp when it comes to sleepless nights and napless days. She’s had one really bad night so far, and has 2 pearly whites to show for it. Yay! Not so bad, as ratios go. More to come – wish us luck!

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Up To

17 June 08

This morning has been very peaceful. Bridget has been taking a nice long nap, and I have been on my computer, enjoying the quiet, happily clicking my way through blogs that I normally have to skim or skip over entirely. A nice lazy morning. Then, about 5 minutes ago I realized what I was doing. Ack! I have diapers to put on the line! The house is a mess! The dishwasher needs to be emptied! I need to pack…iron…my thoughts stumbled over each other and tumbled into a heap. Does that ever happen to you? You have so many thoughts at once that your brain refuses to process them all and so they just get thrown on the “later” pile? All is not lost, though. Bridget continues to nap, and, although I expect her to wake up at any moment, I do have the most important item checked off my mental list/heap. The diapers are in the sunshine, drying off, and although they probably won’t be dry by the time she wakes, I can always use a disposable. I doubt the world will come to an end. In the meantime, as the rest of my list waits, I thought I’d update you on what I’m up to (besides juggling a baby who, as Brian puts it, is becoming “frighteningly mobile” – now rolling over both ways with ease, and grabbing at anything – including my computer keyboard – within her reach). 1. Regular stuff: this is the stuff that is the most boring, but takes up the most of my time. Laundry, cleaning, cooking and the like. I’ll spare you the gruesome details. 2. Summertime activities! Getting together with family and friends, gardening, etc. We have a lot of fun get-togethers coming up, which might make me a little scarcer than usual, blog-wise. 3. This month, a Fabric Swap at Oh, Fransson! Bridget and I took a little field trip to arc, a thrift store, and picked up some nifty vintage-looking sheets. I hope I got the right thing. This is my first swap, and I’m a bit nervous that I’m going to mess it up. But how hard can it be, really? I washed the sheets last night but, even though I hung them on the line all night to dry/air out, they still have that weird thrift-store smell. Ick. I might have to wash them again on hot or something. Anyhow, I’m very excited about the swap, and hope to get my squares cut and sent soon – sometime this week would be nice, but possibly not realistic. Next week? That’s about it. We’re traveling this weekend, so I’m getting ready for that. It’ll be Bridget’s first plane trip, an experience I anticipate with no small amount of trepidation. Any fool-proof techniques, tips, or even just ideas? And now, just because I can’t resist:

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Deep Breath

13 June 08

I’ve slowly been recuperating from the craziness that was the week leading up to the Big Party (a.k.a. Bridget’s baptism and the reception that followed at our house). It was really cool, and a very meaningful time for us. I hope someday we can explain clearly to her the significance of that event. I have yet to go through my pictures, but here is one from later in the week, when we went to the pool with her Yia Yia (Grandma), who flew into town for the occassion. In other news, Andrea over at Knitty Bitties tried out the Nike + iPod Tutorial that I made a while back. Check out the adorable results of her efforts here. She found a couple of weaknesses with the instructions, so if you had problems with them before, check back – I think they are more clear now. That’s it for now! We continue to be pretty busy, but hopefully I will be more faithful about posting in spite of that! Post a Day in July isn’t nearly as catchy as Post a Day in May, but I would like to at least post every other day. Oh! I almost forgot! On Saturday Bridget is going to her very first birthday party! Her cousin is turning 1 whole year old, and is having a (kiddie) pool party! So you can be looking for some Ultra Adorable pictures of that event.

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Grumpy Pants

31 May 08

Bridget’s been grumpy all day. I don’t think she’s feeling that well – it could be teething, or it could be germies. Whatever it is, it’s not endearing itself to Momma Warren. Making my precious baby cry. In spite of that, and in spite of the fact that she had almost no nap at all (she just wouldn’t stay asleep!) I got all of my plantings done today. That’s right, all. Because my Superman swooped in and rescued me. Brian was a huge help with Bridget today. Times like these when he saves me from pulling my hair out I marvel at how single parents handle it. It’s got to be incredibly difficult – not only does a single parent not have the emotional support of their spouse, but they miss out on the very practical help, like I received today (thank you, honey!). I just feel incredibly blessed and fortunate to have been given the gift of such a great guy. And then on top of that I got a great little gal! All that to say our yard is looking pretty spiffy now, thanks to my hunny. I’m super excited about all my new flowers. I’m also very tired, but in a good way. I’ll post pictures tomorrow when the lighting is better.

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30 May 08

This is what treats for Anna look like Mmmm! Flowers and herbs and veggies! Oh My! Bridget was such a trooper, and napped the whole time I was shopping for them. What a gal! Unfortunately, that meant that this afternoon I didn’t have “Mommy Time”, just “Mommy and Bridget Time” (also fun, but with more restricted activities. Which apparently include the current activity of blowing raspberries on my arm. Huh.) I tried to go for it anyhow, but I guess there are only so many ways to chew a ducky before it gets old. Ha! That should totally be on a shirt! Maybe the planting can resume when daddy bear gets home and is doing Bridget cuddles.

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Bridget + Pool = Cute Awesomeness

25 May 08

Yesterday we brought Bridget for her very first visit to a pool. It was really fun, and we took almost 100 pictures of the event (yeah, we’re a little over the top). Here’s a little sampling (I uploaded some more to my Flickr account).

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18 May 08

This has been quite the weekend. So sorry for the silence! A post a day in May, indeed! Well, I promised myself when I decided to take this challenge that I’d give myself a little slack, and I guess this is what slack looks like! :u) Thanks for your understanding! I’ll be back tomorrow (well, technically tomorrow starts in 5 minutes, but later on tomorrow…) to do a real post. For now, some eye candy will have to do:

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Hi, I'm a "Blogger".

15 April 08

Brian took this photo today. Cutest little blogger I’ve ever seen! Has her little stylus and everything!

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Incredible Joys

25 January 08

Thank you all for your congratulations and well-wishes! I am so blessed to have such amazing friends. You are all an incredible joy to me.

Aaand…speaking of incredible joys…

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Bridget Ruth Warren

12 January 08

Bridget was born at 11:55 am on Saturday, December 29th. She weighed 7 lbs, 8 ozs, and was 19.5 inches long – a perfect size, if you ask me.

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