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Letting go (*sniff*)


So, it’s not even 10:30 yet, and the laundry is going, the dishwasher is emptied, our breakfast dishes are washed, and I even took some time to attach our new hose to the spigot and give the garden a little watering! Also, I’m dressed!

As you might guess, we have quite a list of things to get done before the “Little Man” joins us. We have the basics all covered – a place for him to sleep, some baby blankets (used to be Bridget’s but she won’t mind) and a few clothes (one complaint here: little boy’s clothes just aren’t as cute as little girl’s clothes – someone should get on that! Pronto!). We still need diapers and an infant car seat, but a quick run to the store would solve that. So, we’re not PANICKING. But there are a LOT of other things that, while not necessary for post-baby survival, would sure be nice to have done.

Things like finishing some sewing projects that I’ve been working on since Bridget was born (2 years!?), getting her baby pictures organized in an album, and hanging some things on our bare walls are a few that come to mind.

With all that in mind, and with hopes that Bridget’s social development (which has been a little neglected lately) will expand, we’ve enrolled her in a little in-home daycare just a few blocks away from our house. It was so hard to walk away – it wasn’t that she was crying or being clingy, but I sure wanted to be!

So grown up

This arrangement is just for a couple mornings a week, so it’s actually pretty low-key, but hopefully it will give me a chance to get some things done, and Bridget’s social horizons will expand. Everyone wins, right? That’s what my brain says, anyway…

Being a mom is hard, you know? It involves a lot of letting go. Which is hard. As soon as we deliver the baby we’ve been carrying inside us for so long, we begin that process. And while being pregnant isn’t (physically) always the most awesome thing, the thought of delivery as the first of many “letting go’s” makes me not mind those previous forty weeks so much.

Only 4 weeks to go!

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