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1 July 09

Bridget turned eighteen months old yesterday. It’s tradition that on half-birthdays (we call them “Appreciation Days”) the celebrated person gets to choose the meal, so I picked some of Bridget’s favorite foods. Thus, she feasted on steamed carrots, rice, a fried egg with the yolk broken, and pizza. She actually only ate a couple bites of the pizza – that was more for Brian and me.

Eighteen months! I can barely wrap my head around that. My baby’s growing up, people! Please let me know if there is anything you’ve found that works to slow it down – nothing I’ve tried seems to make any difference.

She really is turning into quite the little girl. She’s started running, and when we go on walks together she loves to go “FAST!” She got her first skinned knee this morning. She’s had a small scrape on her knee before, but this one needed a band-aid. She was very brave, and let me rinse it and put on the antibiotic ointment without a fuss (after cuddles and kisses of course).

Also, she has recently become oh-so interested in climbing, and can get on and off our ottomans without help, although she appreciates a little help with the couch. One evening we were watching a show on the television and Bridget was puttering around with her toys in same room. Next thing we know, we hear her laughing with great glee from the bedroom. She had pulled herself up onto our bed and was incredibly pleased with herself.

She colors, paints, swings, rocks on her rocking horse, loves to be read to, and is learning her colors and shapes. Also, with some prompting and help, she can count to three (but you have to say “one”; when she decides on her own that she wants to count she does it like this, “two, two, two”).

I’m trying my best to soak her in but these milestones are zooming past us so fast I feel like I’m barely able to keep up myself. She is such a joy and delight, and so sweet and precious I am kept in constant amazement of her. I love you, sweetie!

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