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Deep Breath. Whew.


Oops! Today was supposed to kick off the last giveaway here at Anna’s Nest. I remembered this late last night (actually, early this morning) around the same time that I realized that I don’t have anything to give away! Double oops!

The plan was that I was going to get some more paper goods up in the shop, maybe some Christmas thank-you note cards or something, and had thought I would surely have them completed by today (with all that time, I was positive I would have finished something). But no. I haven’t even started on them. And by “them” I mean “nothing”. So maybe tomorrow? Is okay with you if I postpone the giveaway until tomorrow? That would be great. You guys are awesome.

Am I the only one that Christmas snuck up on this year? I’m feeling quite overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done before Christmas. We are very excited about Bridget’s first Christmas, and of course I want it to be perfect (or close, anyway!) We don’t even have our tree up, though, and I’ve only managed to drag some boxes of decorations out of the closet. Eek! Brian’s mom is coming to visit on the 27th, and we are having a birthday party for Bridget on the 28th (still haven’t done anything more than think about that one, either – yikes!)

In spite of all of the “to-do’s” that aren’t getting done, I am really enjoying myself. Haha! Maybe there is a connection there, eh? Just a year ago I was consumed with a very different agenda. It’s crazy to think how different life was then and now.

A Day in the life of Bridget

Last year I was late with Christmas, too. For a different reason, though – I was so fat with Bridget that doing anything required a super-human effort (it felt like it, anyway). We were late buying our tree, too – Christmas Eve, baby! Went to Home Depot, where the kind folks there patiently waited as we picked out a tree. They were out of tree stands, though, so we set the base in a large dog water bowl and tied the top to a sturdy ceiling hook. It worked great – you could hardly notice the rope, and we didn’t worry about the tree falling over. And it makes a great story!

I guess the moral of that story is that stuff will get done (and if it doesn’t, well, maybe it wasn’t worth doing – certainly not worth getting crabby over). Now if only I can follow my own advice, and stop freaking…

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