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Did I Made a Mess?

11 May 10

I really love that finger wag. Sorry about my delinquent posting! I really, really want to write more, and hopefully will at a point very near in the future. In the meantime, please enjoy the awesomeness of Bridget!

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Dear Blog,

16 February 10

Are you still there? I seem to be able to make out a thick layer of dust somewhere back in the dim recesses of my mind, but nothing more than a vague shape…

Okay, so it’s been a little while. Maybe a big while. Maybe I have a lot to catch up…

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Greek Dancer

22 May 09

Holding a piece of pita bread and dancing to the music. Maybe not as exotic as my title suggests, but way cuter.

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Farm Girls

21 March 09

Feeding the Chickens
Bridget and I recently returned from a visit to my parent’s house in Arkansas. My parents both grew up as farm kids in Missouri, and that upbringing/culture still runs strong in their blood. Their house is a paradise for a kid Bridget’s age – like living at a petting zoo!

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Unfinished Business

10 January 09

Team Warren Christmas Card
A Happy New Year to you! I took a rather long Christmas break (longer than anticipated, anyhow), but now I’m back! Yay! Aaaand I have some things to say – things I wanted to say before Christmas, but was a little preoccupied with sanity-keeping…

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Now This Is Just Too Cute.

16 August 08

Daddy and Bridget. Too bad they don’t have fun with each other.

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