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21 February 09

Hi guys! So sorry for the neglect. I’ve been in a blogging funk. It seems like there’s either nothing to say or, more often, there’s too much to say and my brain “shorts out” from all the options.


Oh! I have an update on the CPSIA law. Actually, why don’t you read about it over at Etsy? They’ve summed it up quite nicely, and I would just be parroting what they already said. The gist of the matter (as I understand it) is the that crafters have a year’s grace in getting everything set up for testing. We’re still liable if anything turns out to contain lead, but aren’t actually required by law to test. Of course, the “end” is still coming, but we have a little breathing room. Whew!

Also, I found this awesome article with a bunch of nifty craft projects – a lot of them fairly cheap – on Etsy.

And Bridget is chatting up a storm! Well, not actually chatting. She uses mostly hand signs or noises to communicate things: cold, hot, drink, hungry, more, nurse, elephant, squirrel, bird, cat, dog, rabbit, sheep, cow, horse, pig, frog, duck…Some of the sounds have more than one meaning, but usually in context I can figure what she means. She actually says, Mama, Dada, “Aaahhhh duh” (all done), , “poop” (I know! Funny, huh? Right up there with mama and dada!), and “ow CH” (what I say when she bites).

So that’s the update for now! ‘Till next time (hopefully won’t be as long).

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