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Bridget is now at the stage in her development where she “unpacks” everything. This is, I hear, a very important stage, but which one isn’t? Anyhow, she’s totally into un-ordering things. If something is on a shelf, off it comes. In a drawer? What good is it doing in there, where no one can see it? “Here, Mom, I’ll give you a hand airing those out.” Folded in a neat pile? “Neatness is abhorrent to me! Eliminate it at once!” Actually, she doesn’t say that. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know what “abhorrent” means, and if she were to say it, it would be so totally cute the whole world would have to pause to catch it’s breath.) ANYHOW. It goes without saying that this has not done wonders for my already shaky housekeeping.

My only encouragement is that I’ve read that after she learns the “unpacking” skill, at around age 2, she begins to learn the “packing” skill, which…waaaait a second. Age TWO?!! So I have over a year of unpacking left. Weeeelll…Okay. I think I can manage that.

Yeah, but really, who am I kidding? This is just the beginning of an long and illustrious life of cleaning up after my daughter. Wish me luck!

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