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Teething = Ugh


I don’t like teething. There. I’ve said it. I recognize that it’s necessary for growth, but that doesn’t mean I have to enjoy it. Bridget seems to feel the same way, actually. Although she is handling sleepless nights better than I am. Might have something to do with regular napping. I like the part after the teething, when they are all cut, and everyone gets all excited and happy and sleeps at night.
Pearly Whites!
Bridget actually hasn’t been doing so badly with the teething. It really could be much worse. It’s just that I’m a wimp when it comes to sleepless nights and napless days. She’s had one really bad night so far, and has 2 pearly whites to show for it. Yay! Not so bad, as ratios go.
Pearly Whites!
More to come – wish us luck!

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  1. You have an adorable little girl! :-) Hope the teething stage goes quickly for you.

    Alison    Aug 14, 10:17 PM    #
  2. Corinne is just getting her first two at 14 months…but I’ve gotten to blame everything on the teeth I thought were going to come. ;) Hang in there, Bridget! We’re sad, too!

    Janel    Aug 23, 07:46 PM    #
  3. Hyland’s teething tablets. Walmart, Target, Whole Foods…pour 3-4 into the cap and drop them into her mouth, don’t touch the tabs with your hands…LOVELY stuff, NO way to overdose…I used them on 4 kids.

    Susan    Oct 2, 12:29 PM    #
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