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I discovered this nifty website through one of my favorite collaborative weblogs, Drawn!, which I visit regularly.

I drew two sketches, and received two in return. Here’s one of those I got in return:

2 islands

Try it out! You don’t have to do a masterpiece, or even anything that good, but it’s fun (and if you are worried that someone might think you are a bad artist, as far as I know it’s completely untrackable, so no one will know anyhow!)

Have fun!

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  1. Aha! So….I tracked you down! I now know what you’ve been up to today - drawing again, eh? Never could break you from that habit - as if I’d wanted to. I looked over the web-site. Really interesting….especially that shark video. Yikes! Take care, Luv -Momma

    Kaye alias Momma    Feb 13, 02:10 AM    #
  2. Thank you for this great ideas and for sharing it to your readers.

    Invisalign Regina    May 21, 12:30 PM    #
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