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5 March 06

(Beware – this is a very long post!)

Just so you know, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. I know, I know, you were holding your collective breath until the day I would post again, and now you are all blue from waiting. My apologies for the blueness, but you should regain some color soon. At least temporarily.

Part of the reason that I haven’t been posting is that I’ve just been a lot busier than I am used to. This working full-time thing (although I do enjoy my job) is quite time-consuming, and I’m still figuring out how to incorporate all the other things that I like to do into my days (just getting to all the necessary stuff is a challenge!) Also, I’ve had a lot of projects going on. One of the most exciting projects is the patio extension we did (last week, I think). We paved an area next to our porch to create a place for an outdoor fireplace we bought on Amazon. Very nice. We enjoyed the fire for the first time last week on a balmy night, and was it ever nice.

Enjoying the Fire

Before that, I was working on a Turning Jeans Into a Skirt sewing project. That worked out pretty well, and wasn’t too hard. It took up a few evenings though.

jeans to skirt

Recently (about from November to the present, actually) I’ve also been working on some knitting projects. Just in the evenings before bed, but I’ve made a variety of hats (and perhaps one scarf) – they’re quite fast to knit, especially if you use a bulky yarn.

Green Knitted Hat

Now I’m working on a purse/bag, which I intend to felt. Yay! I’m excited to see what the result will be. I’m using a yarn that I bought while in Alaska, so it’ll have some sentimental value as well. Sorry – no picture yet. I’ll put one up when it’s done though – maybe a before/after felt duo! Wouldn’t that be oh so exciting!

‘Way back at the beginning of February I got the gardening bug. I know, I know – it was too early! But I couldn’t resist the temptation and I planted a tray of seeds (even Cosmos; I knew better, since they germinate and grow so quickly!) Now, just over a month later, they’ve grown up into cute little seedlings…awwwww…


I’m gonna have to put them in larger pots soon, but at least I’ll have some better-established plants – especially the slow-growing perennials – to put out come time when the danger of a frost is over. And I’ve gotten to enjoy watching them grow for a whole month as they’ve gotten me through my winter no-plant doldrums (‘cuz you know house plants just don’t do it for me – unless they’re my flowering Christmas Cactus. That makes me smile.)

For those of you faithful who are still reading, please may I draw your attention to the NEW! feature, recently added to the blog (it’s at the top – I know you were just there an hour ago…) of Yours Truly by talented hubby Brian. Yes, I have a Flickr account, and yes, now you can not only set an RSS feed to it from my blog, but also PREVIEW the most recent three pictures when you visit Anna’s Paintbrush. What a nifty feature!

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