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My computer, dubbed Lampy, got sick last night. Strangly and suddenly, the screen froze. I restarted, and Brian tinkered around with it a little bit and decided yes, there is definitely something wrong. So he took it to the Apple store (one of the times we are very thankful to live near one – actually two). They’re going to take care of the problem for me, but for now I’m without a computer. I’m currently on Brian’s work laptop that his department uses for trips. Poor Lampy…

Also, some more techie news is that I (Brian, actually) sold my little shuffle, Mr. Bones. He sold his old iPod also, and with the funds from that we plan to buy one of those nifty little Nanos. Very exciting! My only dilemma is what, if anything, to inscribe upon it? I would like to do a neat quote, but it has to be short. Any ideas?

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  1. limpy’s little lover.

    dan    Feb 12, 12:03 AM    #
  2. I would put in it, “In memory of Mr. Bones”.

    Jim    Feb 24, 03:36 PM    #
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