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Give-Away Day, 2008!


Wow! Would you look at all those comments?! Thanks for all the giveaway love, everyone! Don’t forget to check out my shop, YourNest, for more awesome handmade-by-me stuff! And check back next Wednesday for the last giveaway in my month of giveaways!

Today’s give-away is…
The Mischievous Garden Gnome Hat!
Did those naughty gnomes leave their hats in the garden again?! It looks like maybe this one got caught on the lavender bush…
Kntted Gnome Hat
Kntted Gnome Hat
Kntted Gnome Hat
This hat is so new, I haven’t even had a chance to put it in the shop yet! It’s now in the shop! Check it out here! This was a really fun knit, though, and I’m working on knitting another, so if you don’t win the give-away, you still have a chance to own it!

It is child-sized – it actually fits me (my head is about 24” around), but it’s pretty snug, and would fit a child (probably age 7-12ish) much better. It is 15” in circumference (but very elastic), and 17” long. It is knitted with chunky soft wool yarn in a cheery red paired with multi-colored mohair yarn. The pointed tip is fairly stiff, and adds a quirky air to it – perfect for an individual bursting with personality (and really, what child isn’t?!) – and it is so fun to wear!

For your chance to own it, leave a comment on this post sometimes today, December 3rd Um, I changed my mind. There are just so many lovely giveaways, and so little time to comment. I know I’m not about to get through them all. So today and tomorrow (Thursday). I’ll close comments Thursday night. Sorry, I am not able to do international shipping with this give-away. I changed my mind about this, too – I will ship anywhere that has a regular address! Merry Christmas! :u)

Check out my shop for more cozy things for YourNest, and come back next Wednesday for my final Giveaway in my month of Giveaways!!!

Sew,Mama,Sew! is facilitating Give-Away Day, 2008! Check out their website for other participating blogs, as well as gorgeous fabrics and awesome tutorials!

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  1. Really adorable! My little gnome would be the cutest :)

    Stacey    Dec 3, 02:18 PM    #
  2. That is so great!!

    shaina    Dec 3, 02:23 PM    #
  3. i love the pointy gnome hat! how cute is it for christmas!

    bird    Dec 3, 02:34 PM    #
  4. Gnome hats are a big hit in our house

    Anne    Dec 3, 02:46 PM    #
  5. This hat is really cute. Might be a bit big yet for my little gnomes, but you know how they grow!

    molly    Dec 3, 03:02 PM    #
  6. That is such a cute hat! My kid loves all things quirky, and she’d love this! I need to spend some time on your blog too…

    Stephanie    Dec 3, 03:36 PM    #
  7. I have the perfect little gnome, that just so happens to be missing her hat ;)
    Please enter me in your giveaway.

    Gail    Dec 3, 03:41 PM    #
  8. Not sure if you consider Canada international… but if not… I would love to win!

    Krista    Dec 3, 03:45 PM    #
  9. Oh I need to learn how to knit this pattern. I just love it!


    carol    Dec 3, 03:56 PM    #
  10. beautiful!

    ronit    Dec 3, 03:57 PM    #
  11. This is so cute!

    Charity    Dec 3, 04:01 PM    #
  12. lovely hat! my son would love it!

    melissa s.    Dec 3, 04:02 PM    #
  13. Sweet hat :)

    Amy @ parkcitygirl    Dec 3, 04:17 PM    #
  14. this is so cute!

    Sally    Dec 3, 04:33 PM    #
  15. Ooh, this is so darling! Thanks for taking part in this fun give-away day!

    Krista    Dec 3, 04:35 PM    #
  16. This is absolutely adorable!!

    Twyla    Dec 3, 04:36 PM    #
  17. Adorable hat. My son and I are crossing our fingers on winning since I can’t knit. ;)

    Tanya    Dec 3, 04:37 PM    #
  18. what a cute little hat! crossing my fingers!

    Tina    Dec 3, 04:40 PM    #
  19. This time of year I always wish I could knit. Any little gnome would be lucky to have this!

    Doris    Dec 3, 04:46 PM    #
  20. Oooh, what a great winter hat! I must have it! Beautiful work. Thanks for participating.

    Kelly    Dec 3, 04:46 PM    #
  21. I have a gnome at home in need of a hat!

    Liz    Dec 3, 04:48 PM    #
  22. So adorable ! please enter me in your giveaway :0)

    Lucinda Jones    Dec 3, 05:01 PM    #
  23. Thank you for the chance at the giveaway and have a great holiday.

    Maggie    Dec 3, 05:12 PM    #
  24. I love this and I really want to see it on my daughter! Thanks

    Tiffany    Dec 3, 05:18 PM    #
  25. such a cute hat! I wish I were a better kntter!

    Joanna    Dec 3, 05:23 PM    #
  26. I love the color of this cute hat.

    Nancy    Dec 3, 05:38 PM    #
  27. Oh I love gnomes-especially chubby cheeked ones! Love it!

    Amy    Dec 3, 05:40 PM    #
  28. Oh so adorable! I have a friend whose daughter this would be perfect for!

    ChrisC.    Dec 3, 06:18 PM    #
  29. Soo adorably cute!

    Emily    Dec 3, 06:26 PM    #
  30. Adorable and cozy warm too! Thanks for the chance!

    Baba    Dec 3, 06:27 PM    #
  31. My daughter would look so cute in this.

    Limor    Dec 3, 06:30 PM    #
  32. How sweet! My daughter would love it. Thanks!

    Anne    Dec 3, 06:41 PM    #
  33. What an adorable hat!

    Katrina    Dec 3, 06:50 PM    #
  34. thank you for the giveaway.
    the colours of the hat are lovely

    carla    Dec 3, 07:19 PM    #
  35. SO CUTE!

    Rhiannon    Dec 3, 07:21 PM    #
  36. Lovely hat, I would get plenty of use.

    Rebecca Clarke    Dec 3, 07:30 PM    #
  37. ooothat is soooo cute!!!i hope i win!!    Dec 3, 07:35 PM    #
  38. Cute! My daughter loves hats!

    Katherine    Dec 3, 07:39 PM    #
  39. I can’t decide whether the quirky point or the little flecks of purple are the best thing about this hat… would love to try it on one of my little gnomes!

    jamey jackson    Dec 3, 07:39 PM    #
  40. This would be so cute on my little one!

    Rebecca    Dec 3, 08:01 PM    #
  41. Thanks for changing your mind! I’m sure your hat is going to come to Barcelona, Spain!! You might think it won’t be cold enough for me to wear it but… you’re wrong!! :P

    Contact: librosfera(at)gmail(dot)com

    sfer    Dec 3, 08:02 PM    #
  42. What a lovely hat!

    Teresa    Dec 3, 08:20 PM    #
  43. My son would love this hat for playing in the snow.

    Marissa    Dec 3, 08:35 PM    #
  44. So cute! Love it!

    adamandem at yahoo dot com

    emily e.    Dec 3, 08:53 PM    #
  45. Oh so divine.

    My little Ruby Red Dress would look gorgeous wearing your lovely creation.

    Ellie    Dec 3, 08:58 PM    #
  46. this hat is ADORABLE! i would so love to win it. thanks so much for sharing it!

    Meredith    Dec 3, 08:59 PM    #
  47. Hooray, hooray for Giveaway Day! Count me in!

    Kit Knitty    Dec 3, 09:00 PM    #
  48. very cute!

    Jen B.    Dec 3, 09:07 PM    #
  49. Lovely!! Great color!

    Ali    Dec 3, 09:15 PM    #
  50. I’d like soooo much to win your giveaway, this hat is absolutely gorgeous…so I’ll keep my fingers crossed, goodness knows if Fortune, in the day before my birthday (yes, yes, it’s tomorrow, 4th of december! :o)…), will smile on me! ;o)

    A big hug from Italy and thanks again so much for this chance!

    Antonella    Dec 3, 09:27 PM    #
  51. How cute!


    Linda    Dec 3, 09:31 PM    #
  52. I love the hat! I am excited to check out your blog and shop.

    Louisa    Dec 3, 09:41 PM    #
  53. I love this color so much. I hope i win thanks for doing this

    alia    Dec 3, 09:46 PM    #
  54. How cute! My daughter would love it :)

    Lisa    Dec 3, 09:50 PM    #
  55. Dang! You have a lot of comments! Hook me up!

    John Mark    Dec 3, 09:53 PM    #
  56. What lovely gnomes you have living in your garden, and leaving their hats for you to find. They have such a great sense of style and colour.
    My kids would love to have this for next winter (I live in Australia, bit hot at the moment for warm and woollies).

    Ellie - Petalplum    Dec 3, 10:09 PM    #
  57. Adorable hat. You’re so creative :-).

    Alison Phillips    Dec 3, 10:18 PM    #
  58. That hat would look so cute on my little one!

    Stacy    Dec 3, 10:58 PM    #
  59. This hat would be cute on my little niece, sign me up!

    Katie    Dec 3, 11:02 PM    #
  60. I love the colors…. what a cute hat!

    Lauren    Dec 3, 11:42 PM    #
  61. I’d love to win this!

    Sarah    Dec 3, 11:43 PM    #
  62. What a wonderful colour! The hat is fantastic! I hope I’m lucky!

    Laurraine    Dec 3, 11:49 PM    #
  63. Hope I win! You are so talented, Anna!!

    cherissa    Dec 3, 11:55 PM    #
  64. I have 4 little gnomes—they might have to alternate!

    Jennifer    Dec 4, 12:15 AM    #
  65. What a fun hat!

    brooke    Dec 4, 01:18 AM    #
  66. Anna you are so talented! I’d love to have a hat like this for little Emma to grow in to. She definitely has the personality for it!

    Aleasia Weathers    Dec 4, 01:52 AM    #
  67. so cute! i love it!

    Hilda    Dec 4, 01:57 AM    #
  68. beautiful! you are very talented!

    allison    Dec 4, 02:01 AM    #
  69. How precious! Beautiful colors, please enter me!

    God Bless,
    Miss Emily Rose

    Simply Vintagegirl    Dec 4, 02:08 AM    #
  70. What an adorable hat, I love it!

    Ginny    Dec 4, 02:10 AM    #
  71. adorable hat, hope I win!

    Rachel    Dec 4, 02:11 AM    #
  72. beautiful hat. Thanks for the giveaway!

    nichole    Dec 4, 02:18 AM    #
  73. That is the cutest hat! Thanks for a chance to win!

    Amy@GrowingLikeTrees    Dec 4, 02:35 AM    #
  74. i have a little boy who’s head would look so cute in that hat ;)

    melissa    Dec 4, 02:58 AM    #
  75. I don’t suppose your own sister would have a chance with all these entries. But here’s my attempt: I love quirkies!!

    Grace    Dec 4, 03:07 AM    #
  76. really want to win…wish me luck…thanks

    Melissa    Dec 4, 03:09 AM    #
  77. who can resist a gnome hat?

    annalea    Dec 4, 03:11 AM    #
  78. My daughter would look lovely in this hat. :)

    Nicole    Dec 4, 03:24 AM    #
  79. The perfect hat for building fairy houses. Thanks for sharing.

    courtneyb    Dec 4, 04:02 AM    #
  80. Absolutely, adorably cute.

    Jennifer Halverson    Dec 4, 04:32 AM    #
  81. Such a cute hat! Love the yarn you chose — perfect for all cuties!

    SarahB    Dec 4, 04:52 AM    #
  82. I love the hat, great giveaway!

    Lindsay    Dec 4, 05:24 AM    #
  83. What a cute wee hat, thanks for the giveaway

    Shelley    Dec 4, 06:45 AM    #
  84. Cute hat, would be perfect for my niece. :)
    Thanks for your generosity!

    Kimberly    Dec 4, 07:02 AM    #
  85. Oh my goodness! That is the sweetest
    hat ever! Thanks for this give~away!
    Take care all, good luck, & happy
    Rane and kids

    Rane    Dec 4, 08:11 AM    #
  86. I love this hat!It would look so cute on my nephew.

    Thanks for a chance to win.

    :) laura

    Laura R    Dec 4, 11:40 AM    #
  87. This would be perfect for my 6 yr. old. Lovely.

    Rain Whittaker    Dec 4, 12:45 PM    #
  88. What an amazing hat. I love it.

    Leslie    Dec 4, 12:52 PM    #
  89. so lovely!

    pamela    Dec 4, 01:34 PM    #
  90. This is so cute. I have a lttle one that it would look adorable on.

    Melissa    Dec 4, 02:44 PM    #
  91. Adorable hat!

    Amanda    Dec 4, 03:33 PM    #
  92. My soon-to-be 8 year old is mad about hats right now, this would be a lovely addition to her collection. Thanks for the opportunity.

    Mollye    Dec 4, 03:59 PM    #
  93. LOVE these colors and the shape is awesome too – pick me!

    Jen    Dec 4, 04:09 PM    #
  94. so cute!

    georgia    Dec 4, 04:40 PM    #
  95. Great give-away! Thanks!

    alison    Dec 4, 05:08 PM    #
  96. What a fun hat! Thanks for the offer!

    Kathi    Dec 4, 05:55 PM    #
  97. That is just the cutest little hat! I’d love to win it. Please enter me in the drawing and thanks for extending your giveaway.

    iluvbnamom    Dec 4, 06:29 PM    #
  98. my son would look so cute in that gnome hat!

    aurore    Dec 4, 06:47 PM    #
  99. So cute, thanks for the giveaway!

    maryanne    Dec 4, 06:51 PM    #
  100. This would be so cute on my son. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

    Heather    Dec 4, 07:37 PM    #
  101. Cutie!!!
    Merry christmas
    Kelly O.

    Kelly O.    Dec 4, 08:21 PM    #
  102. SO CUTE. What a nice giveaway, thanks so much!

    Dandelion quilts    Dec 4, 08:53 PM    #
  103. OMG! My little man would look great in this.

    Alana Jo Couch    Dec 4, 10:09 PM    #
  104. What a nice prize! Please enter me too.

    Billie Kretzschmar    Dec 4, 11:27 PM    #
  105. I hope I’m not too late! That hat is adorable.

    Ashley Ann    Dec 5, 12:24 AM    #
  106. how adorable! i LOVE that hat :)

    ratty    Dec 5, 12:24 AM    #
  107. Anna, you precious gal! So talented and boy is it cold here in MO, I just checked—19 degrees! Send that little gnome hat on over.

    Jeanna    Dec 5, 01:07 AM    #

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