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Weeee Have a Winner!


Congratulations, Rheagan! The atmospheric noise favors you! Thanks to everyone else for playing! There are still two weeks of giveaways to go, so don’t give up now!

I’ll announce the next giveaway on Wednesday (Wednesday’s giveaway will be a one-day only thing, so don’t forget to visit and leave a comment!)

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  1. I tired to sign up to win the hat but i can’t find the comment box =( can u please enter me her?? thanks!! =)    Dec 3, 08:05 AM    #
  2. What a gorgeous hat! Count me in!

    Amy    Dec 3, 01:09 PM    #
  3. Um, yeah. What the previous poster said. I didn’t find the comment section either, sorry!

    Thanks, and Happy Holidays! (Oh, and the hat is ADORABLE!)

    Trinity    Dec 3, 01:10 PM    #
  4. I couldn’t find the comment section either….but please count me in to have the chance to win this cute hat…Happy Holidays

    Jody    Dec 3, 01:16 PM    #
  5. Love the hat, Anna!

    Mindy    Dec 5, 12:52 PM    #
  6. I visited your website today and found it very interesting and well done. I can tell you have put a lot of work into it.

    Tree Removal Kelowna    Nov 29, 06:34 AM    #
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