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Welcome to the new website! Change your bookmarks and RSS feeds, everyone! We have a cool new site with a cool new name!

I decided it needed a proper introduction. The post I wrote late last night, although surprisingly coherent, considering that I was extremely tired and rather loopy when I wrote it (unless normal people also find hilarious typos such as “developement” and “esty”…no?), was far too short to convey the monumental fantasticness of the occasion.

Now you can see a little bit of what I was talking about here and here when I made vague allusions a “surprise” of some kind.

ALSO! I have an Etsy Shop ! So far there are only a few things in my shop, but there is much more to come!!! And the few items there make up for their few-ness by their AWESOMENESS!

I’m relying on you faithful readers (yup, you, you and…YOU!) to give me feedback – the good, bad and ugly – about the re-design, and especially the shop – I need to know what you want and need! Any takers?

AND! Tell your friends and family! I am making a conscious effort to keep costs down in the shop, so that buying a gift for a friend, or just a special little something for yourself is a fun (not a stressful) experience. Spread the word!

LASTLY! Thank you all for your faithful readership! I really love writing for you, and am so glad you keep reading what I write! So, thanks!

OH, AND ONE MORE THING! Stay tuned, because later this week I will pick some items from the new shop for my VERY FIRST GIVE-AWAY!!! Yes, I am very excited. And then I promise to stop yelling in caps. Soon. Soon I will stop yelling.

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Anna’s Nest is the craft and tutorial website for me, Anna Warren. It’s also where I keep my blog. Enjoy!

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