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Little Tree Giveaway!


Ooooo! I’m such a loser! I totally stood you all up. I promised to have the giveaway ready today, and you can see how that went. On the other hand, it technically is still Thursday, but I doubt any of you are up obsessively checking my website every minute to see if I’ll make the giveaway available.

Better late than never, though (I hope)!
Three Trees

I really did want to post the giveaway first thing this morning – the trees were done and everything. Mostly done, anyhow. I stayed up late last night and finished them (mostly). But, as you can see, the actual giving away…not so much.

Ah, well.

I made these adorable trees are from the Soft Tree pattern so thoughtfully provided by Stephanie (formerly of Little Birds, now residing at her own shop’s blog). This is not available in my own shop as my other giveaway items have been so far, but they are so sweet and festive – they hope you don’t mind.

I will give them away to one lucky person who comments on this post between now and next Wednesday night (I’m so sorry you don’t get as much time to comment this time, but I want them to have time to arrive at their new home in time for Christmas, and even this is pushing it).

This is the last week of my “Month of Giveaways” celebrating my new shop, so make it count! Good luck, all!

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  1. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to enter, so I’m going to give it a shot anyway. Very cute trees, Anna! And such a generous spirit you have, offering all three up as your giveaway! So yes i’d like the trees. I hope I win. Even though I’m probably not allowed to win. :)

    Brian Warren    Dec 12, 05:32 AM    #
  2. Hi Anna! Hope your Christmas preparations are going well! (I just started to put up decorations last night. :-) These trees are so cute! Thanks for sharing your talents with a lucky winner.

    Alison Phillips    Dec 12, 01:46 PM    #
  3. I can’t believe I missed your other giveaways :( My RSS feed thingy was messed up. These little trees are adorable and I would love to win them! You are very talented and I am jealous! Merry Christmas!

    Rachael    Dec 12, 02:22 PM    #
  4. So cute Anna! Love your stuff! Baby Sister will enjoy playing with the toy you sent! Can’t wait!

    Happy Christmas!!

    MommaRuth    Dec 12, 06:04 PM    #
  5. The trees are so cute and the best part they wouldn’t mind a toddler’s mouth or break if dropped! If I won I would put them next to the manger scene so Emma could play with them. Merry Christmas!

    Aleasia Weathers    Dec 12, 07:15 PM    #
  6. I saw these on your counter and they are the cutest things EVER. Seriously. Make more of them and give them to your sweet little sister…xo

    Katherine    Dec 14, 09:09 PM    #

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