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I’m placing this note before the rants and gift tag linkies just in case you aren’t interested in such things :u) Just wanted to remind you all that TOMORROW is the last day to enter in my super-cool giveaway! Okay, that’s all. Carry on.

So, you’ve either made or bought all of your Christmas gifts by now, right? RIGHT!!!! (And of course all of the gifts I am giving are all together, neatly wrapped and stacked and organized alphabetically by content…HAHAHA!) Alright, I may be feeling the crunch a bit. I have no idea how some of my friends who have many more children than I do manage to keep anything together, much less keep anything together AND send out Christmas cards. Which, in case you are wondering, we have not done. Bridget’s first Christmas, and we have yet to send out the obligatory baby photo. Should really get on that…

ANYHOW, what was I saying before this became a therapy session? Oh, yes. Gift tags! Your gifts, that you have. They want to be wrapped, and they want cute gift tags! Bella Dia (found through the Sew, Mama, Sew! blog, where they have some tags of their own), has oh-so-thoughtfully put tother a list of some very lovely printable gift tags available out there in blog-land.

Here are some of my favorites from that list:

Quirky (my very favorite, but that’s just how I roll):
A Fanciful Twist

Paper Crave
Sublime Stitching
Gift-Wrap It

Creature Comforts

A Fanciful Twist

“From the Kitchen of”:

And the list goes on! Check the full list out over here .
Now have at it, people! Decorate those packages in style!

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