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A Post a Day in May! (?)


Jenny over at All Sorts (such a fun blog – I highly recommend a visit or two..or more!) is doing a “Post a Day in May” theme. This sounds so fun, and very inspiring, so I’m going to try to do it…however I say this with no little trepidation. Taking care of a baby, along with my other responsibilities…well, it’s just not a recipe for crazy amounts of blogging time (have I lowered your expectations enough yet?).

That said, I enjoy a good challenge, and I enjoy blogging, so here I go! Feel free to join the fun!

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  1. Well, you already missed May 1st and it’s late in the evening on May 3rd and I’m not seeing a post, so my expecatations can’t be lower.

    H West    May 3, 06:27 PM    #
  2. Haha! I didn’t realize that it posted with yesterday’s date on it. I actually started writing this post May 2 and forgot to re-set the date when I posted earlier today. Yeah, I’m kind of late on the bandwagon with this thing, but whatever…
    Sorry for the confusion, folks!

    Anna    May 3, 08:48 PM    #
  3. You know, I think something must be messed up on our server – both those comments showed up with May 2 dates, and I’m fairly certain it’s been May 3rd all day…I’ll have my web guru (DH) check into that.

    Anna    May 3, 08:52 PM    #
  4. All fixed up! The correct dates should be showing. Hey “H”, how about a little encouragement to Miss Anna? I have nothing but the highest hopes and excitement for the May Posting Extravaganza!

    Anna's DH    May 3, 09:22 PM    #
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