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This Never Happens To You, Right?


So I had a totally awesome blog entry written up, full of cleverness and cute pictures (it’s totally okay with me if you imagine it as awesomer than it was), and then POOF! my laptop turned off.

Well, it wasn’t exactly POOF…it was kind of like “Warning! Your battery is super low. Your computer will turn off in a little bit to conserve your memory.” And then POOF 10 minutes later it did exactly that. And guess who hadn’t saved her blog entry? Noooo it wasn’t Bridget! Although she “helped” me write the first entry.

Yeah. So I lost it. And it was awesome. Way more awesome than you could ever imagine. Really. I’m not making this up (alright, well maybe I am, but no one will ever know for sure just how awesome the Lost Entry was, so I can go ahead and talk it up as much as I want. Kind of like a modern techie version of the Fish That Got Away).

Given the tragic circumstances, I’m just going to give you guys some photos (I’ll try to not make them ALL of Bridget), and call it a day, ‘k? ‘K.

Awww yeah. This is one of my favorite photos of Bridget, taken about a month ago when she was coming up on 3 months.
Bridget After Bath

This is Bridget and Sarah Grace’s Godmother, Amy, taken on Pascha (the Orthodox Easter). I found out this year that “Pascha” comes from the Hebrew for “Passover”. Just a fun fact there for ya’.
Bridget and Amy

And finally, a spot of beauty in the ‘midst of the deserted wasteland that is my garden (well, at least deserted with the exception of a few eccentric volunteer cilantro plants and some timid radishes. And yes, I like to impose human qualities on my plants, much to their dismay).
Blue Beauty

That’s all for today, folks! And just in case you wondered, I have saved this post more often that would be considered normal. Just so ya know.

Have an awesome evening!

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  1. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. You have a very beautiful daughter congratulations on being a mum :)

    Tracy    May 5, 05:09 AM    #
  2. I love the towel photo of Bridget too! Her eyes look smokey blue. :)

    Rebekah Mathis    May 5, 05:52 AM    #
  3. I cannot wait to see Bridget. Oh my word! We had cilantro growing out of our sidewalk cracks. it was very strange too. I am sorry you lost your post too. i have done that before and it is very frustrating. Love you lots!

    Desiree Rutter    May 5, 09:53 AM    #
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