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Today Brian and I headed up to the Boulder Reservoir to see the mother of our godchildren, Amy, finish a half-marathon. It was so much fun! We waited with John and the kids, Carolyn and William, and we all cheered her on as she came down to the finish.

Then we sat around and had some lunch. Amy went home for some well-earned rest, and the rest of us headed down to the reservoir (what is it that pulls us to water?) and we sat and chatted and watched the kids as they ran around and climbed some low trees, and found cool sticks and small pebbles.

What a pleasant afternoon. And to spend it with our good friends and our godchildren just made it perfect. Carrie affectionately calls me her “Godmomma”, which I think is just amazing, and she and William always have tons of hugs for Brian and me whenever they see us.

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  1. We certainly had a ton of fun too! Once I get pix off the camera, I’ll send some… JohnH    Sep 26, 01:25 PM    #
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