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Me on a Box


This is me on a box.

Here I am all dressed up for work – apron and all. I have just realized that I made your drink incorrectly. You can tell this by the way my eyes have slid down the side of my face, and the strength with which I crumple your Latte’. My neck also seems to have inexplicably disappeared.

Seriously, if you want to make your own picture-on-a-box, visit the box doodle project. You could go so far as to create your own real box, but the easiest thing for us dabblers is to use the handy-dandy box doodle tool offered on the website.

What fun!

If you didn’t know before, I work at a coffee shop. Just a couple of weeks ago I switched cafe’s, and now I work at a coffee shop that has a totally different recipe for drinks. I’m getting the hang of it – I think it’s easier because my brain already has all the compartments for lattes and mochas, and all the other info vital for making nicely caffeinated drinks, but I still make mistakes.

I’m learning – fairly quickly – but it’s sometimes frustrating going from a job where I knew all the ropes and all the drinks, and was in a position of responsibility to a job where I’m the one constantly asking the questions instead of answering them, and am playing the role of the newbie. Oh well. I really like all the people that I work with, and I like my manager, and I think those things are very important in a job. The rest will come with time.

Enjoy the link, and tip your barista well!

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  1. Anna, I’m so happy you’ve begun blogging! I can’t wait to read more of your entries. Bekah    Sep 12, 11:58 PM    #
  2. Anna, I really like your blog! I am sad, though, that there aren’t more good coffee places in NY. Maybe, in December, we can go find one that is better than the old standby, ****bucks! Jim    Sep 18, 08:48 PM    #
  3. We are very thankful for all your ideas and for sharing them to all your readers. Keep it up and we will continue to support your web posts.

    Real Estate Blackfalds    Nov 17, 08:50 AM    #
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