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Thankful [or, Five Kernels of Corn]


Happy Thanksgiving! Sorry I’m so late – it’s been a little crazy here at Casa Warren of late. I thought about skipping straight to Christmas, but that didn’t seem quite right. Also, I have this awesome picture to share.
First Thanksgiving
Bridget enjoyed her first Thanksgiving meal very much indeed. The sweet potato casserole especially, but everything was met with enthusiasm. And after the meal, she had two doting aunts waiting on her hand and foot. Quite a hit.

I enjoyed our Thanksgiving, too. One of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions is the five kernels of corn.

The story goes that at the pilgrim’s first year in the “New World” (you know, the one where everyone almost starved?) the rations were so low that everyone got only five kernels of corn a day. They all probably would have starved if it was not for some kind Native Americans who helped them through that first difficult winter.

The next year was much better; there was a bountiful harvest, and, in celebration, a day of thanksgiving was proclaimed. There was lots of yummy food for everyone, but before they dug in to the feast everyone started out their plates with five kernels of corn, reminding them of the year before and all of God’s provision for them, even when they had so little.

Now, I don’t know if the part about the five kernels is at all true, but to me it doesn’t really matter. It’s the significance of the thought behind it that is important. To emphasize this thought, we start out the meal with five corn kernels on our plates, or in a small dish to the side (it doesn’t have to be five, but it’s a nice number). I’ve always used popcorn kernels. Every person goes around and takes turns saying things for which they are thankful, and putting one kernel into a central dish as they say it. You don’t even have to do it at the beginning of the meal; this year we waited until we got home after the big meal.

I really love this tradition. It may just be my all-time favorite holiday tradition. And I wanted to share it with you all. Things that I’m thankful for this year include my beautiful and amazing Bridget (of course!), my awesome and very supportive hubby Brian, YOU wonderful blog readers and commenters (awwwwwww!), and all of the ways that God has watched over us this past year. There are of course oodles more, but you get the idea :u)

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