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9 November 08

Check out the new site re-design! My web development team has been working overtime on this one! (Thank you, Brian!) Check it out, and make sure to stop by my new etsy shop, YourNest!

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  1. Hey Anna! And Brian! The site is beautiful! So is the etsy shop! I am so glad you are doing this! I am looking forward to seeing more of your creative endeavors. Lucky us!

    AmyH    Nov 9, 01:53 PM    #
  2. This is sooooooooooooo cool!!!! Beautiful!!!! Can’t wait for more!

    H West    Nov 10, 06:45 PM    #
  3. Anna and Brian – This is a beautiful website. It’ll make me want to come back more often. :) Congrats on creating something so gorgeous and fun. I’m excited, Anna, to see what new things you will make.

    megan    Nov 24, 11:07 AM    #
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