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Okay, this is simply silly. Out of hand, really. No, I don’t have a really marvelous reason for not posting. Other than I really, really wanted to make sure you had the whole homemade laundry detergent thing down. There is a silver lining, though! This means that I have lots of wonderful posts saved up for you…I think they might still be swimming around somewhere in my head…

Well, they’ll just have to wait awhile longer. They’ve waited this long and there’s no reason why they can’t wait a bit more. Because I have some great news that is not about to patiently wait it’s turn. Nope, it’s cutting right to the head of the line, as all the other posts and their accompanying pictures aim scornful “who do you think you are?!” looks at the back of its head.

Baby Warren

That picture pretty much explains everything. Actually, I should probably just leave you to gaze upon the gorgeousness of Our Baby (just one – although we were thoughtfully provided with 3 different views). But I don’t think I could do that to myself.

First, although this picture is “Breaking News” (we had our appointment with the doctor who does the high-resolution ultrasounds just this morning), we are by no means shocked by Baby’s presence in my womb, nor are our friends and family (and, I imagine, most observant onlookers). I am nearly 17 weeks pregnant now, and am in the somewhat awkward stage in between “normal” clothes and maternity. So my outfits these days are somewhat…creative. But no one cares, because evidently I’m glowing. I’m sure my outfits will grow ever more creative as my usable wardrobe shrinks.

Also Our Baby is healthy. This was the same special ultrasound as the one where we first found out about the physical problems of big sister Sarah Grace , so it was a pretty big milestone for us. The doctor was quite thorough, looking through the images on the ultrasound screen (and very thoughtfully and patiently explaining the somewhat abstract shapes that sometimes appeared). He said she (YES! Bring out the pink – it’s a girl!) is 7 ounces, apparently quite hefty for this stage (don’t ask me how he figured that out from an image – I’m already amazed at how they can glean so much from what often appears to be nothing but fuzzy shapes).

AND, as I just mentioned, Our Baby is a GIRL! I don’t plan to dress and decorate all in frills and pink; I like yellow and green – both longtime favorite colors – too much for that. But it is fun to dream of cute little sundresses and bows. Like this one over at WeeWonderfuls (a darling blog written I think by my far-more-crafty twin).

She’s due around the first of January, 2008! We’re hoping for a 2007 baby, so we can cash in on a few tax breaks, but we’ll gladly take her either way.

We haven’t picked out a name yet, and I’m thinking that even after we pick one, we’ll likely keep it to ourselves until it comes time to actually give it to her. Even if her gender is public knowledge, at least her name can be a surprise! Or maybe we won’t be able to contain ourselves. Who knows :u)

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  1. Yeah!!! I was so excited to hear how the ultrasound went. We are continuing to pray for you guys and are excited for you.

    The bit about your fave colors made me laugh because I remember fighting about which colors were better. I think I remember you and I polarizing on blue and red. I can’t remember who picked what – memory is fuzzy but I think the argument centered around which color was most prevalent in the universe. Haha. “The sky is blue…” “Well, the sun is red…”

    John Mark    Jul 21, 12:18 PM    #
  2. Congrats! Ultrasounds are always so amazing. The fancy ones are great.

    H West    Jul 22, 01:17 PM    #
  3. I’m overjoyed with you and for you. The pictures are very cute and sweet!!

    Rebekah Mathis    Jul 24, 09:43 AM    #
  4. Keeping the name a secret is the way to go, in my experience!

    matt    Jul 25, 01:37 PM    #
  5. What joy! We’re thrilled with you!

    Jen Oshman    Jul 29, 06:55 AM    #
  6. Dearest Friend,

    James and I praise God for the wonderful news of a healthy baby girl! We will continue to keep you all in our prayers.

    Love and Blessings!

    Laura    Aug 12, 10:26 AM    #
  7. congratulations, anna! i’m so happy for you guys! (i know i’m a little late in reading about this, but congrats, just the same.)

    carissa    Sep 19, 12:30 PM    #
  8. Everyone – thank you so much for your sweet words! They mean a lot to me. We are both very excited about this huge life change that is entering our world! :u)

    Anna    Sep 20, 01:31 PM    #
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