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It’s surprising how huge of a difference just one month can make when things are growing. Not only has my waist expanded significantly over the past month (I guess I had to start wearing maternity pants sometime), but the garden has come into a growth spurt of its own. Compare:
July Garden
July Garden.JPG
A mite scanty, but respectable, wouldn’t you say?
Then there’s the August Garden
August Garden
As you can see, it’s kind of taken over and then some. We’ve already harvested some delicious corn, and tons of squash (with promises of many more to come).
August Garden
The tomatoes continue to tempt – in spite of the sun and the heat, I haven’t gotten a single ripe one. But there are quite a few green tomatoes, so I haven’t given up hope yet.
August Garden
August Garden
The tomato plants themselves are something to behold. They’re incredibly sprawly (yes, I used those cage things, but these plants are not to be contained!). If I were a plant growing in the garden, I would be scared of them. As it is, I’m just impatient to get a ripe one…

As this summer winds up, I’ll be sure to keep you updated on the growth of both my waistline and our green stuff in the garden. So far, both promise to be very productive!

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  1. Anna- Your garden looks wonderful! I have so enjoyed gardening during the past few years. I have had to learn much, as the climate in Okinawa is very different than in Denver. I had a great crop of green tomatos recently, which was eaten by bats one night! I was so bummed. Anyway—with three little ones my gardening hours are few. I look forward to doing more this winter. We plant in December over here. Thanks for sharing your garden pics. I love them!! I’m also so glad to hear about your waistline! What fun. Can we see pics of that too?

    Jen Oshman    Aug 20, 05:46 AM    #
  2. I do really enjoy gardening – it’s such a relaxing activity for me. I’ve been working on the waistline – hopefully soon I’ll have a good picture or two to share!

    Anna    Sep 20, 02:21 PM    #
  3. You offer a great service to us readers, and please keep it up.    Nov 27, 08:25 AM    #
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