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7 December 05

Rather than just do a brief overview of our Thanksgiving travels, I’m going with the old wisdom “a picture is worth a thousand words”, and shall treat you with some of Brian’s awesome photos.
Water Tower
Isn’t it eerie? We stayed here, with Casey and Traci, while we were in Siloam. It’s really nice and un-creepy in daylight, but this lighting with the water tower makes it look haunted, or at least as if aliens are about to descend.

Thanksgiving with Papaw
Our Thanksgiving with Brian’s Grandparents in Dallas was great. “Papaw” took care of Thanksgiving dinner, and we gave thanks with some 28 Aunts and Uncles and Cousins.

Words of Wisdom
Thanksgiving night we spent a very special time with Papaw.

After Dallas, we traveled back to Little Rock and spent a second Thanksgiving with my family there.
Is it a cat or the Easter bunny?
And yes, that is a cat – one of the many pets that receives regular lessons in fashion.

Yes, the chicken really thinks he is roosting on her head
This is Oliver the chicken. On my mom’s head. He is one of Grace’s favourite pets, and instead of roosting in the chicken coop at night, he comes up to the house and pecks on the door until someone lets him in. Usually, after playing with him a bit, Grace will bring him back out and put him in the coop for the night, but this particular night he decided that he would prefer to sit on my mom’s head. She played along for the picture…Silly Oliver.

How was your Thanksgiving? Any fun family stories?

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  1. Let us know next time you come through Dallas. We were out of town for most of Thanksgiving weekend anyway though. However, judging by the picture you had enough people to visit! Wow!

    matt    Dec 9, 08:54 PM    #
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