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Season's Greetings


Hi there.

I’d like to issue a belated warning:
Posting may be intermittent during the holiday season.
Possibly you figured that out for yourselves. Most of you are pretty smart cookies.

We got back from our Thanksgiving adventures about 5 days ago (Wednesday). What an incredible time! We got to see friends from college in Siloam Springs, spend time with Brian’s grandpa and a gazillion cousins, as well as his mom and two sisters in Dallas, and hang out with my fam in Little Rock. We had a blast, and feel so rich to have such wonderful families and friends. We most certainly do have so very much to give thanks for.

We (i.e. Brian) took a lot of really awesome pictures with Brian’s new camera. I’ll post them as soon as I get a chance to go through them all.

I did do some sketches while we were on vacation, but due to some changes that we are planning to make to this site (hopefully soon!) I have decided not to post them.

Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday time! It can be kinda’ crazy, but try to remember to stop and breathe the winter air every once in awhile, and watch the lights on your tree, or something like that. It puts things in perspective.

Speaking of perspective, here’s an awesome blog I’d like to leave with you. I highly recommend visiting it, reading it, thinking…

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