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My Love Goes With You

9 September 10

Today is the fourth anniversary of the death of our first child, Sarah Grace Marie. (I talk about that a bit here.) To commemorate it, I thought I’d post this song (so beautifully sung by the Innocence Mission on their album of lullabies, Now The Day Is Over that always makes me think of her.

My Love Goes With You

Beautiful and dearest child,
morning comes soon, sleep awhile.
Fly away to trees that sway
in dreams peaceful and green.

Of the happiness you bring
I will sing, oh I will sing.
My love goes following
you into your dreams.

By lo, by lo,
my love goes with you now.
My love, my love,
my love goes with you now.
Karen Peris 2004 Umbrella Day Music, BMI

I love this song and how it makes me feel, even if I do tear up. It’s a way of saying, “Good-bye” and “I love you.” We miss you, sweet Sarah Grace! My love goes with you…

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  1. What a beautiful song to remember your daughter! I didn’t realize you had lost a child. I am so sorry for your loss.

    Alison    Sep 10, 01:01 AM    #
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