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More Flowers!


Well, I got all excited-like and posted a ton of pics at the beginning of last month. The only problem is, I have a limited amount of picture-space on my free Flickr account, and I happened to use it all up. Yup.

It’s true that I can post pics on my blog through methods other than Flickr. After all, it’s only recently that I even got a Flickr account. But posting through my Flickr account is a ton easier than posting pics through other methods and I’m afraid I’ve gotten a bit spoiled.

So when I realized “Wow! We’re in a new month now!” the first thing that popped into my head was “…and I am now free to post pictures to Flickr again!” I think I might need to get a “Pro” Flickr account. It’s not free, but it’s not too bad a price. Unless I can learn to restrain myself, I just may have to resort to paying money.

Here are the rest of the Tulips I wanted to share with you.
Red Tulip “Tulipa Appeldoorn”

Red Tulip2

Orange/Pink Tulips “Tulipa Prinses Irene”

I planted 3 kinds of tulips last fall – the one in that first post were called “Tulipa Shakespeare”. I also got some yellow-colored tulips for “Aministrative Assistant’s Day” (the kind that come in a little pot). I thought that was very thoughtful of my boss, don’t you? I planted them once they stopped flowering, and I’m hoping they’ll come up next year. Then I’ll have 4 kinds!

Soon I’ll have pictures of more flowers to show you – I planted some outside recently, and they are doing quite well these days. I also planted some seeds. Some sunflower plants (just scattered seeds from last year’s flowers) are already starting to grow!

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  1. Very nice! I especially like the middle one, it is beautiful!

    For flickr, I can upload many pix per month without pro, but I export them out of my photo software (picasa) at 800×600 and 75% compression, which move the files from ~3 meg per image down to about 0.07 meg per image.

    JohnH    May 15, 12:26 PM    #
  2. Yes, Anna and I talked about that when I showed her how to export to Flickr from iPhoto. We were resizing at about 1024×681, which was yeilding about a half a MB. 40 pictures at that rate fills up the monthly limit. Granted, my lovely bride only uploaded 11 photos in April, so it’s possible she forgot to resize a few them prior to uploading. That’s an annoying thing about flickr, in my opinion. If they resize your stuff when you upload it anyway, why count the original image size against your monthly limit? Technically, I suppose you’re still uploading 20mb, but it sure seems like a drag for people to have to resize before uploading, lest you lose all your bandwidth for the month.

    Nonetheless, I really like it when I see other people’s photos at full size. Especially if they’re well-shot. So I’ve considered getting us pro accounts.

    brian    May 15, 01:39 PM    #
  3. Those are so pretty, Anna! Yay! I like the Princess Irene one best.

    Amy    May 15, 09:36 PM    #
  4. :u) Yeah, it’s my favourite too!

    Anna    May 15, 09:49 PM    #
  5. hey my name is anna warren too thats so crazy anyways i like your pictures… xxxx

    anna warren    Jun 22, 08:47 AM    #
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