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About a week ago some beautiful tulips that I planted last fall were looking very promising:

Only a couple of days later:
Wow! Isn’t that just the most amazing thing?!! I did absolutely nothing except dig a hole, give it a bit of fertilizer, and water it (a very little bit). And even what I did do probably didn’t make that big of a difference. The potential for beauty was all stored in that brown bulb I saw last fall.

The bad news is that I got so excited about it that I enthusiastically downloaded too many pictures to my Flickr account – I think maybe I maxed it out until next month – so you’ll have to wait on the other two kinds of bulbs that have come up in the past couple of days.

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  1. Those are very pretty. You picked good bulbs.

    John Mark    Apr 17, 11:16 PM    #
  2. Ever the artist! Beautiful flowers, Anna.

    Amy    Apr 18, 04:08 PM    #
  3. Anna-

    You inspire me to plant flowers; specifically bulbs. Tulips and mums are my favorite flowers, but I always put it off one more season.

    Bekah    Apr 27, 03:39 PM    #
  4. Thanks Bekah! :)

    You’re welcome to use some of the pictures I took as inspiration if you like.

    I know what you mean about putting it off…I seem to do a lot of that these days, and not just with tulips!

    Anna    Apr 28, 01:39 AM    #
  5. Those are GORGEOUS! I miss good old “American” flowers. The only beautiful flowers I’ve seen lately are either the size of my pinky nail or covered in horrible 1/2” long “DON’T TOUCH ME” thorns, though I have to admit, it is kind impressive: A beautiful blossom surrounded by it’s own armor.

    AJ    May 8, 03:03 PM    #
  6. Anna! Put up some new pictures! I miss them. That’s all. Love you!

    Amy    May 11, 05:06 PM    #
  7. Ooooo! It’s FAN MAIL! :)

    Your wish is my command…

    Anna    May 15, 10:28 AM    #
  8. Thank you for this great ideas and for sharing it to your readers.

    Invisalign Halifax    May 27, 01:19 PM    #
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