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Guess What?


We’re gonna’ be parents!

First Mug Shot

Those two sentences and the above picture have defined most of our interactions with people over the past month or so as we have gradually alerted family and friends to our “big news”.

Exciting, huh? Most of you have probably read all about it on my D.H.‘s fabulous blog, but I wouldn’t feel I was being honest with you unless I shared, too.

The due date is January 12, I’m about 13 weeks along, and no, we haven’t decided yet if we’re going to find out if it’s a boy or a girl. :) I’m feeling much better now that I’m over the first trimester. Although I had a very light case of the baby queasies – didn’t throw up, just felt icky – the exhaustion was overwhelming. I’m glad to be past that point.

We are quite excited about our big news, to say the least!

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  1. Eeeeeee! I’m super happy for you guys. You’re going to be amazing parents. Keep us posted on the pregnancy. :)

    Bekah    Jul 14, 01:23 PM    #
  2. Keep up the good work and we will continue to support your page. Thank you!

    Doors Repair    Jul 15, 08:42 AM    #
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