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Maggie over at Mighty Girl made a list of 100 things she would like to do before she dies (if you want to see the list, go to the web page and scroll down – it’s in the sidebar to the left). It got me thinking (as things like that do) what I would like to have done when I die. Aside from making a will (which we’re actually kind of working on – go us!), I can think of a host of things, both that I would like to experience, and things that I would like to do for others. Here’s a start:

1. Learn to play a stringed instrument (or at least find out if I stink and it’s a hopeless case) – I’ve always loved the sound of the cello, but I’d settle for the violin
2. Make a quilt for Bridget
3. Take a family portrait
4. Hang up some pictures on our walls
5. Take ballroom dancing lessons
6. Make a baby book
7. Go on a pilgrimage to Greece
8. Read all of my books on Orthodoxy (and hopefully get something from them!) Any recommendations for must-reads?
9. Write a love letter to Brian
10. Write a love letter to Bridget

Wow, that first 10 went much faster than I thought! What about you? I’d love to hear some of your thoughts on the matter – please comment! :u)

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  1. How funny. I found you through the sew mama sew website. (congrats on winning the free fabric Friday, btw…) What can I say, I’m nosy and like to look at other people’s blogs! I am a professional violist (like a violin only bigger) and had to say that you should TOTALLY take a crack at learning a string instrument. It is NEVER too late to learn. I once had an 80+ year old beginner with hearing aides in both ears. He did just fine. I think the most important thing (besides practicing) is to find a teacher who you click with. Not every teacher is right for every student. Good luck!

    Katy    Apr 14, 07:13 PM    #
  2. Ha! Number 4 is one of mine! I would love to get pictures up in at least one house before we move to another one. Maybe someday!

    Janel    Apr 25, 09:06 PM    #
  3. Continue your great work! Keep on sharing great ideas and information!

    Yard Ornaments Regina SK    Jan 8, 09:21 AM    #
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