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I’ve been making lots of progress lately, both in terms of baby-growing, and in terms of getting ready for the baby to be born. Whew! It’s kind of crazy, but it looks like a couple of months from now we’ll have a baby!

For now, though, she’s stuck inside me…whether or not she likes it (sometimes with all the kicking it seems like she’d rather be out!)

Pregger pic.jpg

And yes, that is my belly button popping out there :u) It seems that I have developed an “outie”.

A week ago Saturday was a huge reality check for me. We had our first baby class at the hospital in the morning (a kind of introduction to what to expect during labor), and then in the afternoon went to a baby shower that my Godmother, Lauri, threw for me. It was an incredible fun, busy day.

Coming home and washing all our new baby things and putting them away gave me that “Oh yeah, I guess we really are going to be doing this” feeling. And now I’m realizing that we have less than two months to go (actually just over a month and a half!) and I feel a little nuts.

It’ll be a little easier next month because although I’ll be even more fat (not really a politically correct word, but come on), and generally feeling more uncomfortable, I won’t be working. That’s right – I’m quitting my job, and beginning November 30th I’ll be self-employed! I actually haven’t decided what direction I’ll be taking, but I’ll keep you all updated as I decide.

I have a couple more things I’d like to write about (I’ve been saving them up for awhile!), but I think they’ll have to wait for another day. I hope you all had a wonderful Veteran’s Day!

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  1. anna, you look beautiful! i hope the next couple of months go smoothly for you.

    carissa    Nov 14, 12:56 PM    #
  2. You look fabulous! I am thinking of you often these days!

    Kelly    Dec 11, 03:10 PM    #
  3. This work inspires us. Keep up the good work and we will continue to support your posts.

    Electric Trains    Jul 13, 10:52 AM    #
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