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New Year (2006!?)


This was probably the most special, most satisfying New Year’s celebration I’ve ever had. I didn’t really do anything terribly exciting, and we didn’t go out to any parties, but nevertheless…

I think a lot of the reason it was so wonderful is Brian and I got to spend some really meaningful time together. We went on a Loooooong walk, and New Year’s Day celebrated a belated Anniversary meal (four whole years) at the restaurant where we had our first date! We spent lots of time talking together, and planning our goals for the new year.

So here’s to another year, and all the adventures (planned and otherwise!) that it contains. I’m so glad, and know I am incredibly blessed, to have such a wonderful man to share it with. As a dear lady from church said to me, I wish all of you the best of every blessing in the coming year. God be with you!

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  1. Wow! The best New Year’s celebration ever!!! I’m happy for you, my dear, and wish you the best of every blessing in 2006 as well…...

    Kaye alias Momma    Jan 4, 01:23 AM    #
  2. What day is your anniversary? Somehow it didn’t sink in you guys had one too over the weekend!

    JohnH    Jan 4, 01:43 PM    #
  3. Worry not, it was Dec. 22nd. We celebrated late, due to our being out of town.

    brian    Jan 4, 11:42 PM    #
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