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I just love new stuff. It’s so much fun. Anyone who has ever watched me unwrap a present can tell you that I savor the moment to the extreme, a talent that used to (and still does, as far as I know) drive my siblings insane, due to my extended, and very painstakingly delicate unwrapping of said gifts.

This new item, however, required absolutely no unwrapping at all. Brian and I went into Guiry’s (an art store), and bought a new sketch desk for me! Woo Hoo! I’m very excited.

pretty new sketch desk

This was actually Sunday that we bought the desk, and I meant to tell you all about it then, but first needed to make room for the desk in the basement (which has become my studio). This required the moving around of many items, and the organization of many more. The basement now looks smashing, however, as do the other areas of the house to which this flurry of organization overflowed. Well, minus the piles of boxes and jumbles of cords that we need to “go through” before throwing them out. But, overall? Much better.

Monday, although I worked in the morning, I decided that I should try out the new desk. It worked very well for me, and, again, I was going to tell you all about it, but alas! The evening got way too late, as evenings sometimes do, and I went to bed.

So, Today. Today I got photos all ready for the internet, Brian took a cool pic of my painting from Monday, and, TADA! It’s like magic! You can see what I’ve been doing all week!

That’s about it. Preparations for Thanksgiving are beginning to mull about in my head. We’re going out of town for the two weeks surrounding Thanksgiving, so the preparations are more of the getting-ready-to-be-out-of-town kind of preparations, than the Turkey-and-stuffing kind. I’m very excited at the prospect of seeing friends and family.

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  1. You know, you didn’t have to unwrap your desk. But you did such a great job of stringing out the telling of it, that it felt just like the good old days to me. “Come on Anna! Just unwrap it – er – tell me about it! :-)

    John Mark    Nov 10, 12:26 AM    #
  2. I think your studio looks great, Anna. I’m excited to see what new artwork comes out of it!

    brian    Nov 11, 01:46 PM    #
  3. Guiry’s… sigh I love that store. I could go broke there. Especially in the basement… pleasing papers… incredible ink… fabulous fountain pens…

     Your new studio looks fab!

    JohnH    Jan 2, 02:11 PM    #
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