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So, I guess we still have plenty of stuff going on. It’s mostly really good stuff, though.

Last night we went to our regular Wednesday night Iconography class at church, and found out that our teacher, Fr. Christodoulos – a monk from Saint George’s monastery here in Denver, and a wonderful influence on both our hearts – has been called by his Abbot to spend a year or so in New Zealand. I am sad, in my selfish way, but very happy for Father, and more than anything very grateful for the time that we have been able to spend with him. Every time I see him, even if all the conversation that we have is a simple greeting, I feel incredibly enriched. He just has a certain presence about him, and it makes Christ’s presence all the more tangible to me.

We are both looking forward to this weekend – we are going up to Breckenridge Friday night, and hanging around Saturday until we come back to help Brian’s Grandfather celebrate his birthday Saturday night. It’s been awhile since we’ve done an overnight “just because”, and we’re quite excited.

In other news, we got rid of our old couch – the cat (@#%!) made it stinky…in his own very special way…and so we gave it away. The smell actually wasn’t too bad, but we were tired of dealing with it. My Godmother, Laurie, recently got new furniture in her living room, and gave us her old couch and some rugs and a lamp and a couple curtains! We went over to her house last night after our Iconography class, and picked up the couch and other items, stopping for a few hours of socializing and a glass of wine with her and some other friends. Such good times. And the couch is lovely. (Thanks Laurie!)

In a few weeks, we’ll be headed down to Arkansas for Thanksgiving celebrations with friends and family. I am very excited to see my fam, Brian’s mom, and many of our friends from college. Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays, I think partly because it isn’t as commercialized as the other ones. The absence of hype helps me to focus better on the reason that the holiday exists in the first place.

I’m enjoying work, and have been doing a couple of babysitting jobs in addition to barista-ing. Definitely fun. I’ve also enjoyed being at least a tad more disciplined with my art. I think this Painting a Day guy has a great idea. I’d love to get to the point where I have enough time (and discipline, of course!) to do something like that. How cool, and really quite attainable as well.

Ah, I should stop the madness. I’ve been up far too long, and will be getting up much too early tomorrow. Good-night!

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  1. Anna, I’m pretty sure he’ll only be gone ~2 months. He told me he would be back sometime after Epiphany…. JohnH    Nov 7, 05:52 PM    #
  2. Ahhh! You know, you are right! I think somehow “next year” got translated in my mind as “one year”. ;u)

    Anna    Nov 7, 07:37 PM    #
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