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31 March 06

I have been reading my brother’s thesis. It’s quite good. He’s graduating from seminary soon, and reportedly has a bad case of senioritis.

I volunteered to help him proof-read the thesis and, although it took a long time (and I’m not even sure if my suggestions were all that helpful), it was quite the cool experience. Best of all I think was seeing what he’s up to these days.

If anyone knows of a church in the Denver area that is looking for a pastor – I think an assistant pastor is the specific position he’s looking for – let him (or me) know. I’m campaigning to get him to move here (sorry, John Mark, it’s not about you, it’s your kiddos). :u)

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  1. Hey!!!

    John Mark    Mar 31, 12:42 PM    #
  2. haha! I wondered if that would get a response! :) Well, I was at least partly kidding. I’d really love to be near you and Desiree’, but, what can I say…I’m an aunt.

    At least I have my priorities straight!

    Anna    Apr 1, 04:16 AM    #
  3. Okay. I’ll let that comment slide… this time!

    John Mark    Apr 1, 01:04 PM    #
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