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So Neglected!


You poor things! I am such a neglectful blogger – leaving you stranded for almost a whole month! Inexcusable, really. I do have one, though. An excuse, that is. I’ve been in another state doing an Extreme Home Makeover in preparation for my sister’s wedding!
We did it!
How about that? I was out of town and I didn’t even tell you! More neglect!

I have been also been busy NOT neglecting this little gal:
My little angel

Also, I did give you a nice long tutorial to keep you busy while I was gone. You should have lined curtains spilling out of your cupboards by now. Yes? No?! Well, I say you should get to work! I don’t write these tutorials just to remind myself later on how I did something. Well, maybe I do. But hopefully they help you out, too.

Hopefully I’ll get right back into the blogging zone! I have tons of fun projects swirling around in this head of mine – now to bring some of them into reality!

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  1. I love those photos! I hope you had a fabulous time at the wedding. We will be there in a few weeks for my brother’s wedding too! How exciting for our families! (Is there any way I might know the groom? He looks very familiar…)

    Susie Moniot    Sep 22, 08:32 PM    #
  2. Great pics! Bridget is sooo freakin’ cute!!!

    H West    Sep 23, 06:05 PM    #
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