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Visiting other websites is a source of inspiration and often amusement to me. Some of my favorite ones are written by other moms, many of whom actually make a living (or at least part of a living) through their websites [insert applause here]. I think that’s just the coolest thing ever, and I know it has to take a ton of effort on their part.

Here are some of my favorite mama blogs that I generally keep up with, for your enjoyment (listed in no particular order):

Wee Wonderfuls
A very sweet mama blog with a strong crafty spin. Hillary Lang, the author, also sells patterns (there are some freebies which she links to in the sidebar, also). I found out about most of the other crafty mama websites that I visit via this one.

Soule Mama
Another wonderful mama blog. I believe I found this one through the links in the Wee Wonderfuls sidebar. This one has a strong emphasis on children, and teaching creativity to your younguns. The author, Amanda Soule, has even written a book on the subject, The Creative Family.

Sew Mama Sew
This is a blog with a much more business-y feel to it, perhaps because it is part of a larger business (just click on “Store” at the top to get to it). They are tutorial central, as well as the home of all kinds of handy advice. Recently they also started a forum for questions, which I haven’t tried yet.

Another Notebook
Written by a wonderful friend from college. (Hi, Bekah!) She writes frankly about the ups and downs of mothering (sometimes very hard to do – why does it feel sometimes like being a mom is some kind of contest to see who can be the best?). Bekah has some great insights and hilarious stories about her two little girls.

Some more recent crafty blogs I’ve been following:
Uncommon Grace
All Sorts
Oh, Fransson!

And some wonderful blogs written by people who I actually know in “real life”. Who also happen to be moms:
Clappy Shoes
Rural Suburbia

Thank you to all of you wonderful ladies who write your stories and other bits of wisdom for the rest of us to learn from you!

I’ll post more tomorrow about some of the other websites I visit. Upcoming (hopefully sometime this week) – a post about Feed Readers (the only reason I’m able to keep up with so many websites and also keep my sanity!).

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  1. Thank you, Anna! You are inspiring, too! And I agree, especially when the children are little, motherhood can feel a little competitive sometimes. Unfortunately, I am finding it doesn’t go away when they get older…I feel a post coming on.

    Also, I like your crafty links, I follow those blogs occasionally, and even checked out The Creative Family from the library! Fun.

    AmyH    May 14, 06:02 AM    #
  2. Thanks for including me in your list. I love this post a day in may thing! It’s been fun to visit your site everyday.

    Rebekah Mathis    May 14, 12:27 PM    #
  3. I am behind on reading the Post a Day blogs, so I have just come across your list of links. Very good collection… looking at all the amazing projects makes my head hurt. There has to be more time in the day to craft… once the kids go off to school?

    indigobabs    May 25, 05:41 PM    #
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  5. I look forward to seeing more news from you. This is what I need to find.

    Things to do    Mar 25, 01:36 AM    #
  6. I love the listings you have. Will bookmark them

    betjee    Jan 30, 03:19 AM    #
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