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Amy Butler Lotus Cami Complete

29 May 08

Hurray! My top is all done. Actually, it was done last night, but my hair was funky then, and although it’s still kinda weird I couldn’t wait any longer to show you.
Lotus Cami Complete!
I made some changes in the pattern so that I can more easily feed Bridget when I’m wearing it (without the changes I would have had to basically undress every time she needed to nurse). I basically just sewed in two triangles to the front and made it into a kind of pleat. I’m a tad disappointed in how boxy it turned out, but I guess I’d rather it be boxy than not work with breast feeding.

If I somehow end up with gobs of time in between now and Bridget’s baptism (the intended debut for the top), maybe I’ll make another less boxy top. Somehow I doubt that will happen though. And I really am pleased with it. I think it will look really nice with my pearl necklace (which is MIA – uh oh!)

Ah, the drama of my life continues! :)

I should get to bed – Bridget and I are making an appearance at a breakfast in the morning, so no sleeping in super late like I did this morning!

Good night, all (or, if you are sensible and reading this in the a.m., Good Morning!)

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  1. Very cute!!!! Nice work.

    H West    May 30, 11:06 AM    #
  2. Beautiful. I am very impressed. Which was more difficult, the shirt or the bag?

    Rebekah Mathis    May 30, 11:44 AM    #
  3. What a cute top!! I like the pattern so much!

    imgrum    May 17, 09:29 PM    #
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