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Amy Butler Lotus Cami Complete


Hurray! My top is all done. Actually, it was done last night, but my hair was funky then, and although it’s still kinda weird I couldn’t wait any longer to show you.
Lotus Cami Complete!
I made some changes in the pattern so that I can more easily feed Bridget when I’m wearing it (without the changes I would have had to basically undress every time she needed to nurse). I basically just sewed in two triangles to the front and made it into a kind of pleat. I’m a tad disappointed in how boxy it turned out, but I guess I’d rather it be boxy than not work with breast feeding.

If I somehow end up with gobs of time in between now and Bridget’s baptism (the intended debut for the top), maybe I’ll make another less boxy top. Somehow I doubt that will happen though. And I really am pleased with it. I think it will look really nice with my pearl necklace (which is MIA – uh oh!)

Ah, the drama of my life continues! :)

I should get to bed – Bridget and I are making an appearance at a breakfast in the morning, so no sleeping in super late like I did this morning!

Good night, all (or, if you are sensible and reading this in the a.m., Good Morning!)

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  1. Very cute!!!! Nice work.

    H West    May 30, 11:06 AM    #
  2. Beautiful. I am very impressed. Which was more difficult, the shirt or the bag?

    Rebekah Mathis    May 30, 11:44 AM    #
  3. What a cute top!! I like the pattern so much!

    imgrum    May 17, 09:29 PM    #
  4. I visited your website today and found it very interesting and well done. I can tell you have put a lot of work into it.

    Lethbridge Lawyers    May 6, 06:02 AM    #
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