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Lotus Cami
So I made some great progress last night on the top. You can see, almost all the parts are sewn on (except sleeves – it’s going to have little cap sleeves), I just need to finish up the edges and sew on a couple extra things. And buttons. Those would be useful. Anyway, as I was saying before I so rudely interrupted myself, I made some great progress. And I was merrily sewing along, trying to ignore how late it was getting, and then…
Out of Thread!
Waugh, waugh, waugh.

My trusty thread suddenly and tragically ran out.

The end.

Actually, I was going to go and pick up some more today, but unfortunately for that plan (and very fortunately for my dirty house and my sanity), Bridget had a really really nice nap this afternoon. Better than she’s had in over a week. So no fabric store for us. But fewer dust bunnies, a clean toilet (one of those things you never really appreciate until you don’t have it), and lots of sanity. A pretty good trade, if you ask me!

Since I haven’t actually sewn any outside seams yet, I might be able to just use a different tan color thread and fool everyone into thinking that I used it for the whole project. Except for you. You would know, but you won’t tell, right? It’ll just be our little secret.

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  1. Drat! No thread. I really dig Amy Butler stuff. I like her sewing patterns, they are very easy to follow! Can’t wait to see you wearing the finished product! Have you ever been to the Fancy Tiger? We should take a field trip there some day. Very cool store.

    AmyH    May 23, 07:41 PM    #
  2. Hello, I’m trying to make the Lotus Cami and I was surfing the net to see other bloggers’ results. Yours came out really nice!

    Irina    Jul 28, 06:00 AM    #
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