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After much hemming and hawing, and even more indecision, I have finally decided to start a blog. Thanks to my wonderful husband, Brian, who set me up with all the computerized loveliness I could want, I am finally on the www. Please browse around and enjoy yourselves – there’s not a ton of stuff yet, but it will grow, so come back and check on it!

I’ll tell you a bit about myself…

I am a painter/barista. I’m working on the painting thing (I have a degree in Illustration, and you can view some of my picts in the “Artwork” section), but in the meantime am very much enjoying playing my role in the mornings of my coffee customers. In my free time I also enjoy decorating my nest, and playing in the dirt outside (and, incidentally, sometimes growing things in it).

A bee enjoying the yumminess of my special sunflower

My husband, Brian, and I have a dog (Rusty), and a cat (Clive). Their temperaments are pretty much opposite. Rusty is about the most laid-back dog you will ever meet. He loves his head-scratches—okay, just scratching a petting overall. Clive, on the other hand, is our crazy cat. He is very often a punk (we’re hoping he grows out of the scratching thing soon), but we love him anyhow. He likes to be patted, but will turn and attack without warning. Crazy, yes.

Our dog is so cute when he sleeps.

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  1. Hi Anna!

    Fun to see your new blog! Looks great! Casey    Aug 30, 12:38 PM    #
  2. Good job, sis. I can’t wait for some in-depth, critical, analytical, posts. Oh – and thanks for the coffee! I got it yesterday. We don’t have a coffee grinder though… We’ll have one soon now. But I tried to use the food processor to see if it would do the trick because I just HAD to have some. Unless you like oddly minced coffee beans, our food processer wasn’t the answer. :-) But good coffee.

    FYI, though. I’m using IE and for some reason your blog text doesn’t start until after all the info in your sidebar. John Mark    Aug 30, 12:47 PM    #
  3. Anna! Hey, I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts and seeing more pictures! – I especially enjoy the gallery you have of your work! dan    Aug 30, 01:38 PM    #
  4. Stinkin IE. Microsoft is such a crappy company.

    Glad you like the beans! We wondered if you had a grinder, and we thought – worst case scenario you have to buy one – and then you get better coffee in the future. Sorry we’re creating an expense for you though. That’s kind of a drag. brian    Aug 30, 01:39 PM    #
  5. Ok, that was a little harsh. They just make crappy software. Anyway, it looks fine now in IE. All patched up now. brian    Aug 30, 01:46 PM    #
  6. So critical, tsk tsk.

    No biggie on the grinder. Now I can be a true yuppie. I’m looking forward to running and getting a grinder here in a day or two. John Mark    Aug 30, 07:38 PM    #
  7. I’m really glad to see you’re finally doing this whole trendy “blog thing”. Seriously, though. Hmm. . . will this be the home of barista rant?

    Love the sunflower pic. The color is amazing. I’m gonna go poke around the rest of the site now. AJ    Aug 30, 10:09 PM    #
  8. Thanks guys! It’s very nice to have so much enthusiastic support for my new endeavor.

    Heh heh. This very well could become the barista rant—there are definitely some crazy people out there getting coffee. And why keep all the crazies to myself?

    Glad you are excited about the coffee JM :) Some of my faves. Anna    Aug 30, 11:26 PM    #
  9. Well, I can’t say enough about how much I love this new “endeavor” of yours, Anna. And of course it’s not just because I’m your proud mother or that I just plain like my incredible daughter. Seeing more of you just plain inspires me to see more beauty around me and to have a good time while I’m at it! Really good job on this site to both you and Brian!!!! I’m proud of you both! Kaye alias Momma    Aug 31, 09:48 AM    #
  10. Thanks Mom! I agree. Anna’s quite incredible. brian    Sep 2, 09:26 PM    #
  11. Dear Anna, I really enjoyed seeing your artwork. I think that you could sell in a gallery. Have you thought about the Art Market with the Denver Student Art Guild? I’d also like to talk to you about commisioning portraits of my kids. I have two watercolors that are a similar style to the one you did of Grace. They are religious themed, and have sophisticated art combined with child-like drawings. I liked the coffee cup a lot. I’m also planning to buy my Mom some art for Christmas, so if you are interested in selling anything let me know. You are also welcome to come over and see my small collection. I have some fun stuff, and most medias, watercolors, pastels, oils, acrylic and a bronze. Call me at 303-781-2914 and I’ll have you over for tea. Thanks for letting me see your beautiful work, Sheila from St. Catherine’s Sheila Hooper    Sep 29, 11:57 AM    #
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