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Weekend Garden Progress


Photographs I promised, and photographs you shall have!

Before I dive in, though, a little indulgence

There. Now don’t we all feel better? I thought so.

I spent a quite lot of time this past weekend working very hard in the back yard, and made quite a bit of progress. I spent most of my time digging out gravel and rocks that had been put down in the back yard (yes, I have been quite achey, thanks). The way I see it, gravel is good for saving water and an important aspect of a xeriscape landscape. But not a great idea if you want to grow plants. And kind of ugly if a huge block of the yard is nothing but blue-gray gravel (rather than being used in harmony with plant beds, which can be quite beautiful).
I dug out about a 10×10 foot area and planted two lilac bushes in the newly uncovered dirt.
These cinderblocks edge the area that used to be covered with gravel. I was resigning myself to dig them out, too, but Brian had the brilliant idea to dig the rocks out of the holes and use them as planters – yay!
Cinder Blocks

I found some unexpected treasures in the dirt
This is the already cultivated part of the yard. It’s full of weeds right now, but I have seedlings growing indoors, and the weeds shouldn’t be too hard to dig out.

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  1. Getting to see and hear about your garden is so wonderful! The only thing better would be to come see you myself—-which I’m working on! Thank you for sharing with us! I wonder what the stories are behind those treasures?!

    Momma    Apr 9, 10:18 PM    #
  2. It was great to talk the other day. Then today, I was on Facebook and saw Brian’s new site. While doing a bit of poking around, I found his entry about hitching a ride with us to Arkansas to pick up a car. Then all of a sudden, I saw you have your own blog site! Wow!
    By looking at my e-mail you can tell I have a location I can develop too. Right now it just serves for my e-mail. Anyway, it is fun seeing where you poke around at your new place. I think using the holes in the block as planters is a wonderful idea. What do you think you will plant there?

    'the other half of David'    Jul 14, 05:54 AM    #
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