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First mistake: I bought a big bag of Halloween candy at Costco. “To be prepared,” I told myself. “Who knows if I’ll go to Costco again in between now and then,” I reasoned.

Mmmhmm. You go ahead and tell yourself that, Anna. (That was my imaginary sidekick.)

Second mistake: I opened it. What else was I to do? It said “Chocolate” on the bag. You can’t expect me to resist that. And I had to make sure they weren’t stale. You understand. They weren’t, just in case you were wondering.

Third mistake: Well, this one is kind of ongoing.

Hopefully there will be some candy left for the kids on Halloween.

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  1. You are so funny! Yes, your sister-in-law would have helped you with that bag of candy and would have done the same thing in your shoes! :) Love you lots!

    Desiree Rutter    Oct 15, 05:24 AM    #
  2. umm, yeah, you are definitely not alone! :P i have not actually done that this year, i think only because i dont have the excuse of any trick-or-treaters in my neighborhood! otherwise, i would have too! lol

    Susie Moniot    Oct 15, 09:37 PM    #
  3. I can tell you have put a lot of work into it. Thank you for this great ideas and for sharing it to your readers.

    Invisalign Sudbury    May 28, 11:09 AM    #
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