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We’re back! Yesterday we flew back in to DIA, picked up the Rust-dog from the friend who has been watching him, and got back home to an eager cat, unpacking and laundry. We’re gradually getting back to normal here and, although I wanted to sleep in this morning (as Rusty is doing – snoring away by my desk as I write), we really aren’t too tired and run-down :)

Hopefully I’ll get back to regular posting now!

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  1. I really like your New Orleans painting! It reminds me of a paintning of the French Quarter my mom and dad have at their house. But yours looks more lively and colorful than theirs, so if I was going to choose one to have in my house, I’d choose yours. :)

    Matt Hartgrove    Aug 16, 04:07 PM    #
  2. Thanks, Matt!

    Anna    Aug 19, 09:27 AM    #
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